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First blog post

Well hello everyone, welcome to my site where we will decorate your home. Every week there will be a different theme and maybe some diy ideas that go with it. I will not post original photos because I’m an awful photographer so credits in advance.

See you soon!

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Living room

Well here we are on our second day. Today I’ll be speaking about living rooms in the castle like homes and how to decorate your own home with some DIY.

As I said in the previous post living rooms are filled with paintings, chandeliers and carpets. Most of them are combination of red,gold and wood or white,gold and flowers. So here are some pictures of living rooms designed by this style(not including mine even though it is designed like this):

As you can see they all look similar. Maybe a bit cliche¬† but they have some glamour in it. You don’t have to live in a castle to have this effect.

Here are some ideas if you want a similar effect:


EVERYWHERE okay, not everywhere but they are a must have: floral,colored like your sofa or some matching colors. It doesn’t matter but it’s always smart not to have a pink sofa and an orange cushion.

These are amazing!


We can all agree that lamps are ROMANTIC and beautiful.

The more the better. With Castle design it’s about having too much. It’s a complete opposite of minimalism.

go ahead MAKE ONE


We all love them, they cover our windows and all of our place but we still love them.  If you want to add something to your curtains LOOK at this link( and this site is amazing too) ribbon flower curtain knot


I promised these. They are elegant and beautiful and a must have. If you don’t want to buy one then here’s how to make them:

eventually you’ll get this:


I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me in the comments what should be my next theme(after the castle is done).


Week 1

Welcome! Before we start I want to explain the concept in my posts. As you can see we are in week 1, every week there will be a new theme and every day of the week(except Monday) we’ll arrange a different room.On Mondays there will be an introduction to ,,What the hell is she doing”so you’ll get to know what I mean by that specific theme. For example in week 1 our theme is castle houses(don’t worry it’s not that bad) and every day I’ll write about a different room(bedroom, kitchen,living room ext.) but on Monday I’ll show you how they look like and what is specific about them and at the end of the post I’ll put some tips and of course a DIY project that matches with the theme. Now that you know what are you getting into Let’s start:


Okay I am aware that most of you don’t live in castles and castle homes that look like this:

But I’m not talking about the exterior . It’s the interior of these things that is interesting to me(or how they are supposed to look inside). Here are some rooms that I found:

Here are some things they all have in common:

  1. Persian rugs(well not necessarily Persian they can be maid in China)

Every room has a red carpet on the floor. With ornaments on it. Ornaments can be very interesting. Persian carpets go well with bordeaux, gold and brown.

Bordeaux for example is in every room. It can be some pail version like this:

or strong like the one above. It is used mostly for chairs like in the first picture.

So if you have a room filled with wood,brown colors and gold color put a Persian carpet in it. But be careful if the room is small carpet will make it look even smaller.

2. Fireplace

They are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in castles. I mean it. Without them people in it would freeze. Fireplaces give warmness to the house and make it seem more friendly and welcoming. Even if you use radiators, fireplace is an amazing choice in the living room. It really gives some chic to it.

3. Paintings

Usually above the fireplace. It doesn’t have to be a work of a great maestro. It could be anything but I recommend portraits. And it is even more castle like if the frame is golden. Eventually you don’t have to use paintings you an use a mirror. A mirror will expend the room and make it seem bigger

4. Chandelier

The classy part of a room. I love them. In my house I have five of them. They are beautiful and expensive because they use ten times more than one light bulb. I love their design It’s usually a combination of white and gold like in the picture above. If you like this combination buy it immediately or if you don’t want to spend your money stay with me until the next post where I’ll show you how to make one with wax paper and a sewing machine.

5. Table

And the last one is the wooden table. I’m sure that in every home there’s one wooden table(unless you’re a minimalist then just so you know glass tables are very dangerous! Have you watched the third season of Devious Maids?) Wood is strong and beautiful.But yo have to take care of it so don’t forget to use wood polish!

Here’s how to make a natural wood polish:

and here’s how to make a wooden table

Building your own wooden table may sound intimidating, but this tutorial shows you everything you need to know with step by step photos and in-depth details! Give it a try:

look up the article on eHow: well click here

Honestly I didn’t try this at home so tell me in the comments did you? And if you did put a picture!

Bottom line

Castle home like interior is amazing if you love gold white and red, have a lot of space and love wood and paintings. House like this is full of personality, warmness and comfort. it is though, hard to clean and takes up a lot of time(with all those rugs and carpets) but at the end it’s a wonderful space!



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